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The Bistro Group Visa Card

Let your credit card declare your foodie status.

The Bistro Group Visa Card, powered by Metrobank Card is a credit card for every taste & preference.

Enjoy 20% OFF your food bill in any Bistro Group restaurants nationwide.

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Pioneering Leader in Casual Dining Restaurants
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The Bistro Group is a collection of international hospitality casual dining brands and homegrown concepts unified by a people-focused philosophy that is the backbone of our success.

Here at Bistro Group, we do everything with passion and commitment - Passion in every restaurant concept launched and every international chain brought to local shores, behind every innovative dish prepared, and with every service rendered with a smile. We love what we do and we want our guests to feel this same passion and love in every Bistro restaurant they visit.

“The customer experience never exceeds the employee experience” -the mantra our company lives by. That is, treat your staff well and they will, in turn, treat customers even better.



9727 The Bistro Group Bldg.

Kamagong Street,

San Antonio Village, Makati City

1203 Philippines


+632 836 7141

Customer Care Hotline: +632 4035952

Office hours: 9am to 4pm